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Introducing Premium Scripts

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    Hello RSPeer community, I'm excited to announce that we are ready to begin allowing premium scripts into our repository.

    It has been a while since these were promised, but we wanted to make sure the bot was stable enough to allow for them.

    What are premium scripts?
    Premium scripts are scripts that have been heavily vetted by the RSPeer staff and have been proven to be much more stable, safe, and generally better than free scripts.

    Where can I learn more about premium scripts and the purchase process?
    Check out our premium script FAQ here!

    Notes to developers who are interested in creating premium scripts for RSPeer:

    • For the time being, scripts must be free for at least 1 week before changing to premium. This is to ensure that the script works as it should and performs as our premium standards expect it to
    • The Script Writer rank is a requirement to release premium scripts
    • Scripts will be heavily vetted by RSPeer staff to ensure quality.
    • RSPeer staff will decide which scripts will be able to be premium or not. Even if your script is really good at what it does, it may not be a good fit for a premium script.
    • Some examples of scripts that likely will not become premium: Potato pickers, chicken killers, etc.
    • Some examples of scripts that can become premium: Zulrah killers, AIO fighters, solid questing scripts, green dragon killers, etc.
    • RSPeer will take 25% out of every script sale + paypal payout fees, leaving the scripter with 75%.
    • Scripter payouts will be bi-weekly. Please do not contact staff requesting an early payout.

    Premium script rules

    • 2 to 3 premium scripts per category or method, depending on the script (Zulrah, AIO woodcutter, AIO fighter, master farmers, etc.)
    • Pricing will be suggested by the scripter and finalized by the RSPeer team
    • If a Premium script contains bugs or is significantly lacking in features, it will be subject to removal
    • Free scripts with the same features as existing Premium scripts will be required to either go Premium or to be limited

    These are just some baseline rules and are subject to change with the introduction of the VIP rank and other additions.

    What is the pricing model for premium scripts?
    At this current time, all script purchases will come with a monthly token cost.
    Scripters will be able to choose how much they would like to charge per month and how many instances that purchase will grant. Example: A scripter may make their script cost 500 tokens per month, and only allow the user to run up to 5 accounts concurrently.

    How do I submit a premium script?
    Visit: and select "Submit As A Premium Script" checkbox.
    This will allow you to choose your token price / total instances.
    Please note, we may deny your submission if the price is too high / too low.

    Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, please post below!

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    In addition: You can manage your script purchases here:

  • Inuvation Beta User

    pogchamp! i'm excited to see some premium scripts.

  • Ayeee

  • About time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Congratulations on reaching the point where you feel comfortable offering premium bots. If the RSPeer client experiences downtime, do you plan to extend bot license durations by the length of the downtime?

  • Sounds good! 🙂

  • Director

    @Cloud said in Introducing Premium Scripts:

    Congratulations on reaching the point where you feel comfortable offering premium bots. If the RSPeer client experiences downtime, do you plan to extend bot license durations by the length of the downtime?

    Not for normal downtime such as runescape updates. Extended downtime due to server issues, etc that last more than a day or so, then most likely.

  • @MadDev have you guys written the infrastructure to extend licenses in those situations? I'm especially curious if the users license for the script expires during the downtime, when extending licenses would you be reauthorizing the user for the time that the platform was experiencing issues?

  • So... basically forcing scrips to be premium...

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    @Nulled No