getWeight of items

  • Would be really nice if we could have the ability to get the weight of the item, Would make it easier to calculate the weight of the player, aswell as how long we can run before the energy deplets.

  • Would require a lot of caching to store the weight data for individual items, why would you require this may I ask?

  • Might be quite niche but i want to be able to make sure that i can run to a certain spot, and back within a certain amount of time. The formula for run depletion is calculated as: Min((playerWeight(), 64)/100) + 0.64;
    Also, You're able to run 2 squares / Tick.
    Therefore i need the current weight of the character to calculate wheter i have enough energy to make it back and forth within the given time period, as during this task the energy is often pretty depleted.

  • Script Developer Sponsor Staff Director

    You can try Game.getClient().getWeight(). There's no method to get individual item weights, however.