add Script Controller feature

  • Script controller would basically mean a feature where you could queue up scripts from repository and local scripts. One script stops another one starts.

    For example: SPX Tutorial Island → Logan's 7QuestPoints → your own local script

    and in every stop of the way quickStartArgs would be supported.

    This is truly a feature that a "goldfarmer friendly" botting platform needs

    It would be useful if u added Player.inCombat() to the player class because very often one has to check if player is under attack.

    sorry for criticism. awesome platform

  • Contributor Script Developer Sponsor Staff Director

    Perhaps we will add a script controller in the future, however, it is not being prioritised.

    "in combat" is quite vague, there are a few other functions you can use. getTarget to see if you are attacking something, and isHealthBarVisible may also be helpful depending on your use case

  • Thank you sir.
    ps. the web in front of the Varrock entrance might need some adjusting as the mages always tend to fuck up my dear bots :^D