Slayer Bot?

  • I'm sure this is incredibly difficult, but wanted to see if anyone would be willing to take a shot at this? Thanks.

  • Probably wont be a free script, im sure someone will release a premium slayer script in due time!

  • I was planning to look into making a Slayer script when premium scripts are going live :).

  • How can someone make a bot like this when the ban rate is 99.9%?

  • @franny Just wanted to see what everyone's thoughts were on this. There's always a risk botting anything, so why not take a shot at slayer? perhaps incorporate an AIO fighter that also has the capacity to get tasks from slayer masters? Yasper's AIO fighter seems to be going pretty strong, so I don't see how a slight modification for slayer monsters would be totally out of the question.

  • @GettGP18

    Yasper's aio fighter doesn't even support banking. A slayer script, would need to take a task, buy and/or equip required equipment, skip tasks when necessary, have paths/areas/profiling, slayer monsters are often in wilderness areas, etc...
    It's not a slight modification... not by any means.

    It is of course quite possible, but it would be hard, and time consuming to make even a basic 'aio' slayer script. Which is exactly the reason why it's not done often.

  • @Ichigo Required slayer helm equipped would save a lot of time and frustration for the most part.