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Atomic Splasher | Splashes any spell, any NPC

  • Atomic Splasher


    • Splashes any autocastable spell from the standard spellbook
    • Splashes on any NPC nearby, selected by you
    • Restarts splashing when out of combat
      • e.g. when someone with a cat killed the rat you're splashing on
    • Easy setup & nice paint
    • Keeps your account logged in while splashing
    • Logs out when out of runes
      • CAUTION: If not safespotting, this will kill the NPC you're splashing since autocast will fall back to bashing with the staff


    A magic offensive bonus of -65 or lower and a staff to autocast spells.


    Simply select the spell you want to cast and the NPC you want to cast it on and press Start.


    Progress reports


    All feedback is welcome!

  • Thank you!

    This also might be a weird request, but could you also add a toggle to click the monster every <5 minutes if we're safespotting?
    For example splashing Ardougne Knights across a bankstall.

    Not 100% sure if you need to re-click the monster or if you just need to stay logged in.

  • @Afif Clicking the NPC isn't required for splashing as far as I'm aware, but let me know if it's not the case.

  • @Atomic His request is because if you're safespotting, rather than in combat, you'll hit the afk timer and log out. The 20 minute timer is only if you're being attacked back.

  • I've pushed version 0.2 of Atomic Splasher with the following changes:

    • Now attacks target NPC to prevent logout when safespotting, as requested
    • Added a progressbar to the paint
    • Fixed a bug where the script would stop on startup after setting the autocast spell

    The update should be live soon on the SDN, when it's approved.

  • Thanks! I'll test out both the safespotting & being attack modes when I get home and post some progress pics.

  • Anyone test this for over 24 hours on new accounts?

  • The script does not continues after a level up.
    It just stays there until you manually press continue.

  • got banned using this script, not sure why tho

  • it dont work i go back to the login screen if i use the script

  • Can confirm it doesn't work.