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I would need just a little bit of guidance from a more experienced developer


    Let's start quick. I've been gathering various posts with useful information related to coding a bot. In my opinion, the Java Docs is quite complicated if you're not familiar with the API. All and all, I would be really happy if someone could tell the basics usage of the API to make some interaction with the client.

    How to interact with NPC (Is this the best way?)

    Npc <name> = Npcs.getNearest(<name>);

    How to interact with the dialog buttons etc. (Is this the best way?)

     final int <name> = <id>; //Parent
     final int <name> = <id>; //Child
     InterfaceComponent <name> = Interfaces.getComponent(<parent>, <child>);

    How to use an item to an NPC

    How to interact with an item in inventory

    How to rotate the camera manually.

    I don't need any further information only the expressions. Of course, if you want the tell me something that's always a plus. This will help me a lot from crawling over the documentation file.

    Thank you! ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Director

    For interfaces, you'll ideally want to use an InterfaceAddress, which is basically a way to specify a filter for your interface, and the index will be cached when its found. You want to do this because Jagex someones changes parent / child indexes with updates. To keep your script stable, we recommend searching for an interface by anything other than child index, such as text / action / or any other identifying property.