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Major ban

  • First time getting aban on this acc (made 3 years ago) and just got permabanned after first offense? Any explanation why? was only botting 3-4 hours a day (not every day either).

  • Did it have membership? Members usually get 2-day ban while F2P gets permanent from my experience.

  • @daeug lmao thats not true at all, please dont go around spreading shit like that lol

  • @omgsosorry you must've missed the key word "from my experience." What I've said is consistent with what has happened to me so far. Five f2p accounts perma'd, while two member accounts received 2-day bans.

  • @daeug
    Yeah it did have mem. 4 days left but i was planning to renew. 20m + on it in gear. Was using the zul/ barrows script. Ive had the same expirence too my main acc got a 2 day years ago and i stopped botting on it but this acc was getting pretty decent too. Had the mory hard diary and everything. Clean proxy too. Not sure how i got so unlucky lol

  • @hatians might got reported

  • Maybe because your botting.

  • honestly, nobody knows the algorithms and guidelines which warrant a ban. We can all sit here and shit-post and speculate the cause behind, and the length which accompanies a ban, truth of the matter is... when an account is banned, its done enough to be noticed by the anti-botting software that jagex has implemented. A lot of times, you will never know what lead to a ban. I've been babysitting accounts before while I train my main by hand, and have WATCHED accounts I was currently botting on, get main screened with that ever so heart warming message "your account has been disabled, for more info...." still couldn't tell you why it happened. Wrapping up, if you are afraid of losing an account, then dont bot it. I have my suicide accts trading money to my pures and mains which I never script on, around the clock... not once, have I picked up a ban for trading the bots or reaping their work. knocks on all of the wood however, i'm aware they can banwave a whole IP worth of accounts if they have a good hunch you're gold farming. Anyways bud, Im typing "F" to pay my respects, GL botting up a new acc, just be careful man. From what I've seen, even with breakhandler, the average life span of these bots is about 3-5 days on a good week.