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Sammy's Script Writer Application

  • Rank: Script Writer

    Reason & Motivation: I started writing bot scripts because I broke my jaw last weekend and now have a ton of free time as I can't go to work or go out much at all for a month, and it is my favorite thing to do when I have all this free time but am unable to speak. I would like to write the highest quality scripts I can, and I think that being able to create both premium and free scripts would be great motivation. Furthermore, I am never happy stagnant, and now that I have a few scripts on the SDN, Script Writer is the next step in the direction I would like to be heading.


    • My introduction to development was the 3 years I spent developing private servers in high school. I learned to play around with frameworks and APIs that I was unfamiliar with until I could get them to work, as I had no formal computer science knowledge until my senior year of high school.
    • I am now nearly finished with my second year of computer science at a private university in the US (3.87 GPA). So far, relevant courses I have taken include Calculus 2, Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Object Oriented Software Design, Data Structures and Algorithms (I and II), Hardware Systems (relevant because it's all about logic), Operating Systems, and many other courses that don't apply as directly.

  • Yes, kind man

  • @FuelMen thank you!

  • Director

    @Spencer <--- GitLab Link for Sammy incase you didn't find it.

  • Contributor Sponsor Staff Director

    Yeah I know I'll have a look tonight or tomorrow

  • @MadDev said in Sammy's Script Writer Application:

    @Spencer <--- GitLab Link for Sammy incase you didn't find it.

    @Spencer said in Sammy's Script Writer Application:

    Yeah I know I'll have a look tonight or tomorrow

    Thanks for taking the time. Also just wanted to let you know that SammyCatchNCook is in there twice because it was my first script and I messed it up my first go around. 🙂

  • Hello Sammy,

    Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept your script writer application. There are some areas you can improve on below.

    • Item ids should be put in constants so the script does not contain magic numbers.
    • Fields should not be public static if they are not final.
    • Organization does not demonstrate requirements in the script writer thread.

    Thanks for taking the time to apply we hope you continue to improve and apply again at a later time.