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Manhattan SW Application

  • Script Writer

    Rank: Script Writer

    Reason & Motivation: Blue name @ Discord.
    And I want the feedback and the rank. Why not?

    I had a script (or two?) I developed at RSBuddy.
    Now I write SimScape here.

    I've only ever used Java to write RS scripts. I think it's good practice.

  • Script Writer

  • Contributor Script Writer

  • Director

    There are some good things that I like about SimScape, as well as a few bad things.

    It definitely looks like can write/maintain a big script. There is a lot of nested if logic in the script, which isn't the end of the world, but it is something to think about cleaning up by using guard clauses.

    There are a few issues with Java conventions, in some places you have normal class names, in others, you have lowercase class names.
    Your access modifiers on fields are not as private as they can be. As in, you have fields that are public but should be private for better encapsulation.
    Use of raw threads with a runnable is generally not preferred when you could use the Java Executor and Java ScheduledExecutor classes.
    Lots of logic and methods are seemingly jammed into a single file that is unrelated, example: Your main script class has tons of random functions, these should ideally be abstracted away.

    I would have like to see you follow better software engineering practices, but overall your skip does do a lot and it does seem to work well.

    A few things I would suggest -
    Abstract logic into classes and utilize encapsulation to reduce complexity.
    Classes should be a group of related things, e.g. Do not put fighting code in a class with grand exchange code.
    Methods should do one thing and do it well.
    There is a bit of code duplication to do the same thing but with different items, such as withdrawing from a bank, etc.

    But with all that said, I still think its a pretty solid script and you have the skill to write scripts up to the level of what we expect from a scripter writer.

    I approve this application, welcome to the team.