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Is Jagex able to see it aswell :O

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    Hallo my accounts get locked all the time after i get some xp it dosent matter if i run a script or play by myself, i use maxthon as my broswer to make the acc, for this example i put in an Russian Proxy and than i went to "" and looked up my ip... than i saw that my VPS is get shown which is in Germany... I went to CMD and entered "ipconfig"
    there i saw my VPS ip

    Now my Question is when such site as "" is able to get my VPS ip why jagex should not be able to get it? is it possible that the RS homepage have some tracing stuff or the client, and "flaggs" acc which have two compleatly different IPs? System languages? and so on ? Do u have any advises for me, if this matter or not or if i should change something? thanks

    ps: if i run a german proxy on a german vps and everything is german, they get locked asswell!

  • Generally as long as the proxy and the ip being played on aren't in different countries, I don't tend to see locks. It's quite possible that the proxy(ies) that you're using may be flagged.