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Not sure if IP is flagged

  • Hey, guys! So, in the past, I used to run scripts with other clients, and it didn't take more than a week before my account received a suspension.

    However, with the introduction of RSPeer, it seems that my freshly created account is holding on for more than a month of consistently botting (without the use of any proxy whatsoever)! It has managed to get me around 85 strength, 80 mining and 60 agility (totaling around 900 in combination with the other skills) all without receiving the banhammer.

    Hence, for me it begs the question; is my IP really flagged or were the other botting clients I used in the past just too obvious to be susceptible to macroing?

    I'm curious about you guys' opinions! Let me know ☺

  • Have you had previously received bans on any other accounts on your pc?
    Your Hardware may be banned, so it will not matter whether you use proxy, bot on different platforms, etc - outcome will be the same.

  • @Treiloer Interesting.. And yes, too many to count!

  • This has been an age old question. does it matter VS does it not. IMO it does not matter on prior bans. i can still get accounts to where i could on day 1 botting. 90s stats on suicide. IF the hardware ban were true, im sure it would have to be a person with a larger farm then myself (no more then 10). As ive personally burned well over 500 accounts that ive bought from people (tut island done accs) and still continue to have success on my home i.p.

  • @sexpert Hardware bans are not rocket science. Plenty of other online games have it as well.
    Personally, I have had a few machines hardware banned already, and they only had a few accounts running at a time.

  • Contributor Script Writer

    Jagex doesn't HWID ban, they could flag your IP at most

  • @Treiloer you must run a massive bot army and sell gp by the billions.

  • @sexpert Gazillions* These are my personal observations and experience, there are others who suggest the same that some accounts are more closely monitored than others. Defo good to at least entertain the thought, and then decide to accept it or not.

  • @Treiloer im just giving you the shit boi. not sure what i actually believe myself tbh.

  • I have a few questions.

    1. If I had my main account receive a 2-day ban, is my IP flagged permanently?

    2. Let's say my IP is now flagged. If I played on a new account and get banned on that new account, will they chain ban my main too?

  • @daeug nobody has concrete results or proof. But after you receive a 2 day temp ban, then in my opinion and experience. Your account is at an elevated risk level for a certain amount of time, that may be weeks/months or 100's of hours of playtime. Where your account is observed by the system closely. Whether your IP is flagged permanently, possibly yes. Jagex sometimes do chain bans but its usually only when you are actually botting on multiple accounts, chain bans on non-botted accounts are rare. My recommendation is make a new account and start botting on it, see if the system picks you up. In that time dont log on with your main, instead use another connection such as your mobile data plan, can easily hook up your mobile and play off your mobile data. The best choice would be to change IP but obviously not everyone has this option.

  • @scourge123 Thanks for your insight. I'm okay with not touching my main for a bit, but I'm just scared that they would chain ban it once they see me botting again with a new account on the same IP the main is associated with. Is that a possible route Jagex would take?

  • @daeug It is unlikely but i think it has happened a few times. But those are usually related to muling or if you had two accounts+ on at the same time. Otherwise they do not chain ban.