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Getting Baned all the time

  • Creating the accounts using a proxy is probably what is getting you flagged and banned quickly. I bot all on the same IP and have never had issues yet but if you must use a proxy get your accounts created elsewhere. Also I create my accounts and use them immediately and have never had issues. I use SPX tut script and 7 point script. Then off to mining or WC or whatever. Have only had 2/14 bots banned so far but im sure more will soon.

  • @Jesse You mind giving some tips on how you created 1000s accounts like did you use proxy to create them , do you create them by hand or have script create them, do you do tut island, once created do you stand around or immediately logout then use later on... Any tips would be appreciated

  • Got banned after 3 days with RSPEER but I botted hours without pausing now I set up Breaks every hour so it should be better and hopefully work I will get back with some news if I get banned or not.