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🏃AstRunner🏃 ¬ Up to 2.4k Ess/hr ¬ Up to 150k xp/hr⏳ ¬ Master Support👑 ¬ Potion Support🍷 ¬ Quick Args Support ¬ F2P/P2P

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    How do I use the bot control feature?
    Simply make your runners join the desired CC of yours, and send the commands set to control them.
    E.g your keyword for pausing all bots is pause then write "[KEYWORD]" like this pause
    E.g. if you looking to pause a certain runner then do "[KEYWORD] [RSN]" like this pause asta

    How do I use the master feature?
    The master account (The one that's receiving the essence from the runners) should be started near the altar.

    How do I use quick args, and what's the argument?
    Make sure that you have ran the script at least once, and filled out the GUI with your desired settings. Then use quick args as such

    -use_args true

    Does this work with Abyss?
    No, this script does not support abyss at the moment, might be in the future.

    What's Fire Altar P2P Method?
    The P2P Method will use ring of duelings and Stamina/Super energy/energy potions to do faster runs.

    Further questions?
    Don't hesitate to contact me on discord - Asta#3083

    Master - Make sure that you are standing near the altar if you are using the master feature.
    Runner - Start near the closest bank to the altar. Make sure you are also wearing the correct tiara corresponding to the altar being used. (Do NOT have any ring of duelings with uneven charges in the bank or on you, if you using an altar that requires duel rings!)


    • Food is currently not supported (There is no need, will be added once altars that require food are added)

    Things To Do

    • Imbuing for master. DONE
    • Add Nature Altar. DONE

    Update Log (Click Here)



  • Looking forward to this! - nice paint

  • Looks good 😃

  • Contributor Script Writer VIP


  • Will there be support for nature runes? Law runes?

  • @Framble Not at the moment, if there is demand might add it in.

  • I'd love to see nats.
    Does the fire p2p support lavas?

  • Maybe add support for Rings of Dueling teleport for runners?

  • Which altar is getting 100k xp/hr? with how many runners?

  • @Timpingftw The P2P fire altar method supports ring of dueling and stamina/energy/super energy potions.

  • @devereux Fire Altar P2P Method, using Ring of Duelings and Staminas, you'll yield an average of 100k xp/hr. Using 6 runners. 6 Runners gives you maximum efficiency for XP. Anything more than that, you'll have 2 runners standing doing nothing.

  • @devereux Currently, the master doesn't support Lava runes, due to not having an account I can't write it with, hence why it's a disabled option for now. I'll most likely add it later when I can find an account I can use temporarily to add it.

  • @Framble @devereux @Timpingftw Script has been released. Enjoy!

  • @Asta Thank you! Can't wait for nature altar support 🙂

  • Would love imbue support where the slave trades master unnoted necklace of binding if master trades it 1 noted necklace.

    Also is it possible to play legit as the master and run the bots on the slaves?

  • Running it . it is trading the master, but the master is not accepting the trade.
    Also, the slaves are getting caught without ring of duelling charges in the fire altar.

  • @prodigy I will be adding an option to make the runners trade necklaces.
    Yes, it is possible to play on your main and do everything the master can do. You got full control of the account.

    @devereux I'll have a look at why the master is not accepting the essence.
    The reason why the slaves are getting stuck in the fire altar without ring of dueling, is because it's withdrawing ring of duelings that have uneven charges. So it'll teleport to fire altar without having a charge to get back to castle wars. Start the slaves with ring of duelings that has 8 charges in the bank.

  • @Asta all my ring of duellings are 8 charges. No other rings in bank.

  • @devereux I've pushed an update for the master not accepting trades. Waiting for approval.
    Try running it again with only ring of duelings with charges of 8 and let me know if you haven't done that already. Should be working fine. Or add me on discord and we'll see what's going on 🙂 Asta#3083

  • @devereux I've fixed the issue with the runners teleporting twice sometimes. And the master should be able to accept trades now as well.