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2147M's SW Application #2

  • Script Writer

    Script Writer

    Reason & Motivation:

    Initial application
    I really enjoy script development and working with the RSPeer API. Prior to releasing Epic Fisher & Epic Lobsters, I had only developed private scripts for personal farming. Releasing public scripts has challenged me to develop more scalable frameworks, better code quality, and it has been fun to develop scripts that fill needs on the SDN.

    @Spencer's feedback on my first application was awesome and focused primarily on code clean up and repeated code. Since my last application, I've removed over 4,000 lines of redundant code and have drastically simplified how I handle the Progressive portion of Epic Fisher. Additionally, some of the bigger methods were broken down into multiple methods.


    Initial application
    I'm a self taught programmer with ~ 1 year of experience using Java to write scripts for TRiBot and RSPeer. I also have experience developing API using Python (Flask) & MySQL.

    Initial post:

  • Contributor Sponsor Staff Director

    Dear 2147M,

    Thank you for submitting an application to join the script writer team. I am happy to see that my advice was taken on board. There are a few small things that I'd like to see improvements on for the future. Firstly, the naming convention for enum classes is camel case as normal, only the constants within the enum should be named LIKE_THIS. Secondly, a lot of your fields are declared with no modifier (package local) - this is an integral part of object-oriented programming and it'd be great to see you apply this correctly to fields; you seem to be applying them correctly to methods already, so I'm sure you're aware of this. Finally, some classes such as NormalOptions could do with some work - but again, I'd imagine you're already aware of this as it was the same issue I had bought up in your previous application, which you did take on board and proceed with refactoring the majority of your script.

    These are all minor issues which I'm sure you will improve on over time (and some you've already been improving on). That being said, I believe that you qualify for the script writer rank! You are encouraged by our staff team to continue producing good quality scripts which are both premium and free.

    Kind Regards,