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Macro report ban rate?

  • So iv even using quite a while levelling my high lvl account with rspeer scripts wich have worked really well for me, altough while ago i was using WC script to powetraining at apeatoll teaks and low lvl player said im botting even tho the bot werent broken? Just curious if 1 guy would report me would i get Banned for it? How long would it take to get banned after report? Note that i have gotten a few day ban back in days on same account. If anyone haves personal experiences about this share some information ty 🙂

  • Script Writer

    In my experience (and others), reports by other players plays one of the largest roles in how long your account lasts. Reports are likely to cause BotWatch to monitor your account more closely and ban you if it finds you botting.

    General rule of thumb is to not bot on any account you care about, because eventually it will get banned. Especially considering you've been banned in the past, any future ban will likely be permanent.

  • So this system called botwatch is an after reviewer group workers from jagex? Who supposedly on case like this 1 noob reporting me could lead to botwatch group rewatch the time i was currently botting to see themself wether i was botting or not? And ik personally that botting can get you always banned and im prepared for it so i transferred my wealth to other account but im still intrested about the analysis could 1 report lead to perma ban

    EDIT: checked and its a automated system