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Loggout in Bot

  • Hey i am pritty new in RSpeers yesterday i set up a acc there an name it "Account1" and today i made a new acc name it "Account2" now i have the problem the the Bot/Programm say to me when i start it "hallo Acount 1" and the key which is used is the key form "Account2" so on the programm i am registreted as "account 1" with the Key from "account2 " and in the browser i am with "account 2".... now i cant run finde scrips in my libery and i try to get "account 1" out of the bot/Programm and oly use "account2" but i cant figger out how to remove "account1 " of the Programm, like loggout? has someone a clue how to get rid of "account 1" in the programm?

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    Please be aware that using multiple accounts will lead to a ban.
    For your question: delete the ''misc'' file in your rspeer cache folder, iirc this should make the login window pop up on launch.