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Fork's AIO Construction

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    I'm excited to announce I am close to releasing my AIO Construction to the SDN! I've spent a lot of time working on the script being as fully-functional and bug free as possible on release, and I think I'm getting to the point where I am satisfied with its current state. I've been behind the scenes for the past 7(ish) months learning a lot about the API and programming in general, and I'm glad I can finally share my improvements and the experience I've gained.



    • Support for a ton of Furniture (and structured to be able to add more with ease)
    • Removes/Builds Furniture extremely fast.
    • Builds Rooms necessary to build Furniture
    • Automatically builds Beds & Bell-Pull to call Servant if needed


    • Supports unnoting material at Phials
    • Supports Cook, Butler, and Demon Butler
    • Supports Hiring/Firing Servants
    • Manages Inventory to send off Servant as fast as possible
    • Supports paying Servant


    • Supports banking at Castle Wars
    • Withdraws all necessary items for current target furniture


    • Supports teleporting to House, Castle Wars, and Fishing Guild with required jewelry or tele

    Customizable Progressive Mode:

    • Supports building your own Progressive Construction!
    • Add any Servant/Furniture to your progressive sequence
    • Specify starting level
    • Easily remove task, clear all tasks, or set to default progressive sequence
    • Automatically sorts sequence by level
      alt text

    Stop Trigger Customization:

    • Stop at specified level, time, or never!


    • Displays user with directions, required items, and optional items to have in your bank at the start of script
    • Automatically updates required items summary when changes are made on the main tab
      alt text


    • Choice of either main paint or simple paint
    • Easily toggleable by pressing "F9"
    • Implemented mainly for players that want to see the chatbox while the script is running
      Current main paint:
      alt text

    30-Minute Demo:
    Highlights most of the features of the script. Set to default progressive mode.
    (Excuse the lag. Had problems with OBS and is not caused by the script.)
    Click Here for the 30-Minute Demo

    To Do:

    • Finish implementing main paint
    • Add missing data for some furniture/rooms
    • Add support for dungeon doors (i.e. rooms on different floors)
    • Implement more stats
    • Do more testing and fix any small bugs there might be
    • Optimize / refactor some code
    • Probably more stuff I can't think of right now

    Let me know what yall think about the progress so far, and any ideas yall have for me before release. Make sure to check out the demo video, as it is a lot more telling of the features in the script than I can put in words. Anyways, be on the look out soon.

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    Looking very nice, good luck on release 🙂

  • Contributor Script Writer

    Looks very promising

  • Script Writer

  • Working well. 625kxp/hr on mahogany tables.