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Castro SW Application

  • Rank: Script Writer

    Reason & Motivation: Previously applied a few months ago and since then I think it's fair to say my code has improved a lot. My recent scripts I feel demonstrate this, cMortMyreFungi and cGlassblower. I'm determined when it comes to learning new things. I also try to help out as much as I can in the development section of the RSPeer discord.

    Experience: I've been creating my own scripts for a few years now, recently started learning better code practices and releasing more public scripts. I'm also constantly learning new things in Java and also the RSPeer API to help improve my scripts.

  • Contributor Sponsor Staff Director

    Dear Castro,

    Thank you for submitting an application to join the script writer team. Unfortunately, I apologize as your application has been denied. Here at RSPeer we like to maintain a high standard of code that we feel has not been met by your application, feel free to ask for help in the discord to have concepts that you may have difficulty understanding explained to you.

    You are encouraged by our staff team to apply again for openings for which you qualify in the future. We appreciate that you took the time to apply.

    Here is a list of things you should work on in the future!

    • You have a lot of repeated code! An example: Inventory.contains("Molten glass") && !Inventory.contains(item -> item.getName().equals("Beer glass") || item.getName().equals("Empty candle lantern") || item.getName().equals("Empty oil lamp") || item.getName().equals("Vial") || item.getName().equals("Empty fishbowl") || item.getName().equals("Lantern lens") || item.getName().contains("orb")) - this is very long and repeated multiple times throughout your script. This sort of thing can be turned into a predicate constant
    • Look into Enum types - this will make your data a lot nicer to work with
    • I noticed you using == to compare Strings in your GUI. You should be using .equals(...) for this! See more
    • Grab the price from a service such as the OSRS grand exchange, or OSBuddy exchange instead of using a hardcoded value
    • You can use StopWatch for both, formatting time and calculating hourly rates

    Kind Regards,