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2147M's SW Application

  • Script Writer

    Script Writer

    Reason & Motivation:
    I really enjoy script development and working with the RSPeer API. Prior to releasing Epic Fisher & Epic Lobsters, I had only developed private scripts for personal farming. Releasing public scripts has challenged me to develop more scalable frameworks, better code quality, and it has been fun to develop scripts that fill needs on the SDN.

    I'm a self taught programmer with ~ 1 year of experience using Java to write scripts for TRiBot and RSPeer. I also have experience developing API using Python (Flask) & MySQL.

  • Contributor Sponsor Staff Director

    Dear 2147M,

    Thank you for submitting an application to join the script writer team. Unfortunately, I apologize as your application has been denied. Here at RSPeer we like to maintain a high standard of code that we feel has not been met by your application, feel free to ask for help in the discord to have concepts that you may have difficulty understanding explained to you.

    You are encouraged by our staff team to apply again for openings for which you qualify in the future. We appreciate that you took the time to apply.

    So the first thing that comes to mind is your repeated code. For starters, field declarations: progressive1-5, stop1-5, width1-5 in and then a similar thing in FisherSettings. This issue persists in your methods too, such as FisherGUI.saveProfile. I'd like to see you make some improvements to this, it will remove a lot of bloat from your code base. In addition to repeated code, some of your methods are just too huge in general - split them up by abusing private methods!

    Improve on this and I feel that you will achieve the rank in your next application!

    Kind Regards,