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Started all-in-one Smelter, need input

  • I've started a Smelter script because there's no good free one on the SDN. I haven't applied for Script Writer either, figured I'd give this a go first.

    alt text

    Just a quick question for the community then: What core functionality, beside what is already hinted at in the screenshot, would you require from a smelter script? What's nice to have?

    For example, currently it doesn't support location selection because it picks the nearest furnace it can see and works with that. That's my preferred way. Would it be more useful to select the furnace from a dropdown, then route to it automatically?


  • Hey nice one, I am trying to learn too and my first project will be making my own cannonball smelter.
    So I suppose as a feature you could include smelting cannonballs?

    35 smithing min, need ammo mould in inventory and 27 steel bars for example.
    I'll share with you what I get when I suceed / if I suceed.
    I'm going to base of MinaCBall open-source cannonball maker