ZMI Runner

  • Someone should make a ZMI runner script. Honestly, if it has 3 instances, I would pay upwards of $50 for a month of it.

  • yeah zmi running is 4m/hr
    if u have giant pouch

  • I'll include it in my Essence Running script which will be released very soon.
    Please pm me at discord Asta#3083 for what you want it to do.

  • Odds are you won`t find who to run essence for, for personal use, sounds good

  • @uupiits Correct. Finding someone to run for can be troubling. For personal use it's fine.
    However, this can be tackled by looking for specific keywords, which the bot will recognize and be able to trade that user. E.g. if a user says in the clan chat "Need 20 essence", the bot will be able to grab the name of the player, and trade him 20 essence. On the other hand, this is not a very reliable method, since people can abuse it and mess the bot up.

    Upon my release, ZMI will only be released for personal use. If demand is there, I might find a way to be able to run essence for other people, which I doubt is possible, or if people are willing to participate with an essence running bot.

  • For the script, I was thinking like a box in the GUI to designate who to trade and the bot would automatically grab all the pouches they can use and fill them. Use lunars to restore pouches, use stamina pots, and teles back to the beginning. I wasn't really think for using it to run as a money maker for ZMI running, but instead I could put the runners on a proxy and run to my main.