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Atom Zulrah - Mage only and Mage/Range | Combo eating | Multi-kill trips | Deathwalking | Ironman friendly | Profiles support | Loot and expenses tracker | Predicts random phases | Much more

  • Atom Zulrah


    Kills Zulrah efficiently for profit, or for items if you are a btw 😉
    This script was made for the whole botting community! Doesn't matter if you are an ironman, a gold farmer or just a regular player I am sure this script will fullfil your needs.


    • Combo eating
      • Only combo eats when needed, so you save your resources
    • Multi-kill trips
      • Able to perform multi-kill trips if it still has enough resources
      • Minimum resources amount customizable by the user
    • Long range support
      • If your weapon requires to switch to long range to keep attacking Zulrah it will do so
      • Never miss one attack because out of range
    • Teleport out when out of supplies
      • Teleports out when it has no more food
      • Saves teleports since you don't have to deathwalk
    • Mage only mode
      • Kills Zulrah using mage only gear and weapon
      • Saves supplies, takes less damage, and higher chance of multi-kill trips
    • Supports any potion
      • All combat boosting potions
        • Battlemage potion
        • Bastion potion
        • Ranging potion
        • Mage potion
      • All prayer restore potions
        • Prayer potion
        • Sanfew serum
        • Super restores
      • All antipoison/anti-venom potions
        • Be careful when using antipoisons since it may die outsite the instance and it won't pick up the items!!
          • A more safe approach will be added in the next versions of the script
    • Smart deathwalking
      • Supports any bank
      • Withdraws Zul-andra teleport and collects your gear
    • Pet support
    • Ironman friendly
      • Able to endure up to 8 minutes (
      • Predicts random rotations and acts accordingly
      • Low level mage gear support
      • Iban staff support (Make sure it is in auto cast)
      • Cure me spell support
        • Either have the runes or a rune pouch with them
      • Antipoison support
        • No need to have have anti-venoms, bring 2 and it should last a whole kill
        • Strategically uses antipoisons to endure the whole kill while keeping poison damage to a minimum
        • Be careful when using antipoisons since it may die outsite the instance and it won't pick up the items!!
          • A more safe approach will be added in the next versions of the script
    • Loot and expenses tracker
      • Keeps track of all the loot received
      • Keeps track of all consumed items
      • 100% accurate profit report
    • Profiles support
      • Save your script settings
      • Share them with your friends

    Setting up the script

    You can start the script anywhere but preferably at clan wars. This is where the script will teleport to after completing Zulrah to replenish stats and to bank.

    When starting the script, you will be greeted with a welcome message:

    Here you can load or create a new settings profile for your account. After it you will be shown the main settings screen, currently divided in two tabs:

    Below you may find a better description to what each setting means:

    1. Food you want to bring
    2. The minimum amount of food to attempt a multi-kill trip
    3. Which combo food to bring. Choose None if you don't want to use combo food
    4. The amount of combo food to bring to the fight
    5. All your potions settings:
      • Potion: The potion you want to bring
      • Amount: The amount of potions you want to bring
      • Doses: Minimum amount of total doses to bring to the fight
      • Minimum doses: The minimum amount of doses to attempt a multi-kill trip
    6. Item names of loot that you might not want to deposit
      • For example if you have a Iban's staff (requires Death runes), and since Zulrah has drops Death runes, you need to put Death runes in this field so it doesn't deposit them
    7. If you want to kill Zulrah using mage only
    8. If you want to teleport out when out of supplies
      • Turning this off may get you some more kills considering get some kills when out of food
    9. Which boosting prayers do you want to use
    10. If your mage weapon needs long range
      • Iban staff users don't need this option
      • Trident users need this option
    11. If your range weapon needs long range
      • Blowpipe users need this option

    Before you can start you'll need to configure your equipment.

    You can set the equipment by wearing it ingame and clicking the set button.
    Video setting up the equipment:

    Features to come:

    • I will start focusing on fairy ring support for all ironmen out there. For now you will have to restock and run to Zulrah if you don't have teleports!
    • I will also try to make the paint look a little bit better with the tracker. Perhaps a toggleable tracker would do?

    Special considerations:

    • The script will stop after two hours of runtime to comply with RSPeer's policy. I do intend to make this script premium once I get the Script Writer rank. When the script goes premium, this limit will be lifted, as well as features like re-stocking and re-charging will be implemented.


    First attempt on an ironman with full mystics and Iban staff for Hard diary completion:
    First ironman

    Pet Big loot

    Zulrah 55m/hr confirmed:

    Back to back Onyx:

    Known issues:

    • In too laggy worlds, prayer switch might prove difficult, resulting in a lot of deaths.

    Let me know if you have any issue with the script. You may reach me over Discord (Atom#3802) or through RSPeer chatting system.

    Change log:

    0.06 - Fixed prayer switching in laggy worlds. Added imbued heart message tracker. Added a blowpipe spec only when not full hp. Removed pre-jad gear switching. Added a retry check when withdrawing resources.
    0.05 - Added vials depositing in case your account doesn't smash them; Fixed combo food being withdrawn when None was selected; Script now stops when it has low charges; Fixed a placeholder issue when withdrawing from bank; Added support for defense potions; Fixed a problem with loot tracking when collecting coins; Casts are now considered in the profit calculation; Added special attack to any weapon (new GUI option); Fixed a death walking bug, where the script would remain death walking; Script now teleports out when out of prayer; Added imbued heart support; Fixed the timing on the gear switch for the Jad phase; Settings are now saved in a JSON file, so you can easily edit them and share them (The old ones just got invalid)!
    0.04 - Added a spell book check when using Cure me since RSPeer thinks it can cast Cure me on the wrong spell book
    0.03 - Added support for single weapon long range support
    0.02 - Removed debug prints
    0.01 - Initial release

  • Looks great, can't wait to test!

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    gui looks sweet

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  • @b4k4l1m Currently under review. Hopefully today 🙂

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  • Looks very impressive!

  • @Phasecoder Any specifics on why it's not getting approved?

  • @Insomniac I dont think he realises this revision already is a trial, and has a 2 hour limit. They've added the whole "if you make a free version of a premium script, you need to limit it" kinda thing

  • @Blogans Gotchu

  • @Phasecoder @Insomniac The script is quite big, and they need to search every file for security reasons. Hopefully today, but we are on a weekend, let directors have some rest! 😊

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    Nice gui 👌

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