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Dungeonqueer's SW Application

  • Script Writer

    Rank: Script Writer

    Reason & Motivation:
    Been in the botting scene for a few years and I thought it'd be nice to get back into the groove of making some scripts for RSPeer. I've been working on DRunecraft for a little while now and have been excited to get feedback from users to improve upon its functionality. I hope to turn it premium sometime soon 🙂

    I tend to work on little projects here and there that I find interesting:
    As far as Runescape botting goes, I made my debut in Topbot's community (may they rest in piece) and I'm confident in saying it was a stepping stone in my CS experience.

  • Contributor Sponsor Staff Director

    Dear Dungeonqueer,

    Thank you for submitting an application to join the script writer team. I believe that you qualify for the script writer rank as you demonstrate more than sufficient knowledge to satisfy the requirements. You are encouraged by our staff team to continue producing good quality scripts which are both premium and free.

    Kind Regards,