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Question about TaskScript

  • So I come from a few other botting communities and I'd like to get a fresh start here.
    I finished a pest control script, and then converted it to a Task based script.

    The way I understand it, is I just submit my tasks in the on start with the submit method, and they will be ran if their validate method checks out . I have array of tasks that I submit.

    This hasn't worked for me. Even if I just have one of the tasks validate methods return true, it's execute functions are never ran.

    I have found however, that putting a for loop for all my tasks in the main loop method that runs the tasks execute method if it's validate method returns true works just fine.
    Is this the correct way to do this or am I missing something?
    All of my task scripts extend Task as well.

    If this is the correct way, what is it that the submit method actually does?

    And is it appropriate to submit two different task arrays for 2 different configurations and loop through a specific one in the loop method?

  • Contributor Script Writer

    If u override loop() method in ur main class it will overlap the submit method, so get rid of the loop() in ur main class

  • @burak That was the issue. Thanks!