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  • ViWalker is a script that saves you time. You no longer have to click your way to a bank, you can just relax sit back and enjoy.
    Let me know if theres any features you would like me to add.

    alt text

    alt text

    ViWalker is currently at version 0.04
    Banks avaiable:
    Free to Play:
    Al Kharid
    West Falador
    East Falador
    Grand Exchange
    West Varrock
    East Varrock
    Pay to Play:
    currently none.
    Adding more soon!

    Update: 0.04

    Whats new?
    Avoids Varrock Wizards.
    Doesnt get stuck in Lumbridge when trying to walk to Varrock etc.
    Doesnt get stuck above Falador wall.
    If its faster, it will use gate to Al Kharid if Prince Ali Rescue is done. otherwise it will just walk around gate.
    Can select if you want it to open bank when you've arrived at the bank.
    When to click has been set to randomize so it doesnt look like a bot.

    If you run into any other bugs, let me know and ill fix them!

  • Well done on your first release! Look forward to seeing it on the SDN.

  • @crico thank you!

  • Would like if it could log in aswell! doesnt seem to for me thanks!