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Request for script quick-launch buttons

  • Hi,

    ( I realize this question might not fit the sub-forum, this might be a question about Acuity, not sure )

    I'm new around here but I realize the potential of RSPeer. As a developer, I like the shared API it offers and I already have some plans for scripts of my own. By reading through some source I saw it's made beautifully simple, so amazing job on that.

    My own reason to use RSPeer would be for an augmented, scriptable OSRS experience on my main. While using some existing community scripts, I realized one simple piece of funcionality could greatly improve that experience. I see some scripts (I'm thinking YFighter) already save configuration between runs. Now, what would it take to allow these configurations to be made into quick-launch buttons in the RSPeer GUI? There already is a top bar with buttons with some appealing free space. I'm genuinely curious, and I'd even be willing to help out if this would be interesting to anyone else at all, if the source is open that is. Additionally, this would encourage developers to have scripts save config between runs, which would just improve UX for all end users.

    My goal here is to start a bit of a discussion if developers are open to that. I don't mind moving it to Discord if that's a better place.