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Atom's SW application

  • Rank: Script writer

    Reason & Motivation: Throughout my years of scripting experience, I have interacted with pretty much every single API there was to interact. From static to instanced APIs, from RS2, RS3 and now OSRS, I feel like I have the necessary knowledge of RuneScape (Widget, Varps, Item containers) to be able to provide quality scripts. Motivational wise, I was always inclined to sell my scripts, but because in other botting platforms this is usually behind a huge requirement wall, I never got to do it (not to mention how ripped off scripters are). I feel like with RSPeer this doesn't happen! That if I want to sell my work I can easily do so, which keeps me motivated to support them and to extending them. As a matter of fact, I already have a working Zulrah script, which I plan to release as a premium script (private in another platform, just need to port it and add consumer ready failsafes, interfaces and perhaps dynamic signatures).

    Experience: I have a Masters degree in Software Engineer, with high proficiency in object oriented programming. The language in which I have more experience is by far Java, and therefore I know most of its "internals" (Collections, Generics, Streams, Reflection, among others). I have been scripting for 6 years now, in platforms like Powerbot, RuneMate, TopBot, RuneDream and now RSPeer. In these platforms I have developed countless scripts, while also providing help to new developers. I have a natural OCD when it comes to Java conventions (cite them multiple times to my colleagues), and always strive for a more reusable infrastructure to avoid repetition and copy/pasting bugs. I can link my Github in if required. 😸

  • Contributor Sponsor Staff Director

    Dear Atom,

    Thank you for submitting an application to join the RSPeer script writer team. Unfortunately, I apologize as your application has been denied. You currently have two scripts on the SDN - both of which were uploaded with relatively large bugs, according to the feedback on your threads. While your code satisfies the requirements, it seems like the scripts weren't tested enough and were released in an extremely rushed attempt to acquire the script writer rank in order to upload premium scripts. Here at RSPeer we ensure that our script writers are well vetted and produce fully functional scripts - even more so if they are premium. With that being said, you only joined 3 days ago, and your scripts are almost as new, so I'd like for you to wait some time before you apply! In the mean time, I hope and encourage that you upload more scripts as well as continue to maintain & improve your existing scripts. You may reapply in two (2) weeks

    Kind Regards, Spencer