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[PREMIUM] dBarrows v0.9

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    A fully automatic barrows script. Simply configure your settings, choose your equipment and hit start.

    Most notable features

    • Efficient prayer usage
    • Intelligent supply handling
    • Handles all equipment flawlessly
    • Customizable restocking when out of supplies
    • Sells loot
    • Recharges commonly used weapons
    • Optimal maze route
    • Aims for 88% reward potential
    • Muling
    • Script arguments
    • House support

    Recharges/repairs the following equipment

    • All tridents
    • Blowpipe
    • Iban's staff
    • Barrows armour

    Setting up the script

    You can start the script anywhere but preferably at clan wars. This is where the script will teleport to after completing barrows to replenish stats and to bank.

    The minimum food refers to the minimum amount of food the player needs in order to complete the run. Whenever the amount falls below this threshold the player will withdraw the specified amount. This way you can complete multiple runs without banking. The same goes for prayer potions.

    If you want to use a weapon which requires extra items (like Iban's staff), you'll need to specify these in the Additional supplies text area. The entries need to be in the following format "<item name>:<min amount>:<max amount>". The min- and max amount work exactly like for food and prayer potions.

    For Iban's blast you'd add the following entries (without quotation marks):

    "Death rune:200:500"
    "Fire rune:1000:2500"

    The equipment

    Before you can start you'll need to configure 3 sets of equipment. The script will switch between these during the run.

    • Magic is used for the brothers except for Ahrim
    • Ranged is used just for Ahrim
    • Monster is used to kill monsters in the tunnels to increase reward potential

    alt text

    You can set the equipment by wearing it ingame and clicking the set button.

    Extra supplies required:

    • Ring of dueling
    • Spade
    • Barrows teleport or your teleporation method of choice


    You can now configure the script to buy supplies when it runs out of something. When doing so, it will also sell the loot it gathered. If the script runs out of a supply which is not on the restocking list it will stop. The restock amount refers to the amount of an item the player will have after restocking, not how much it will buy. If you set it to restock 1000 death runes and it already has 800 it will only buy another 200. If it has more than the restock amount it will sell the extra quantity.


    In order for muling to work you'll need to launch the script using arguments. For this to work you need to have started and configured your script atleast once. Arguments are seperated by a space ' '. The following arguments are available:

    • nogui (This disabled the gui and loads the settings from the config file)
    • runtime=x (Specifies how many minutes the script should run

    For muling you'll need to add all the following arguments:

    • muleName=<mule display name>
    • muleWorld=x (the mule should be in world x)
    • muleKeyword=y (the script will listen for the keyword y)

    If you start the script with the correct settings it will listen for mule requests. To start muling simply send the keyword from your mules account in your clan chat. The script will withdraw gold, leaving enough to continue and give the rest to your mule.

    Example arguments: "-nogui -muleName=Dijkstra -muleWorld=372 -muleKeyword=gimmeyourgold"


    -Barrows armour repairing added
    -House option has been enabled
    -Loading/Saving profiles has been added
    -Speed improvements
    -Bug fixes

    -Complete supply handling and banking overhaul, now much faster and more intelligent.
    -Equipment switches are now faster
    -No longer gets stuck after searching the chest
    -Bug fixes

    -Wearing the ring of dueling supported
    -Special attack is now used
    -Disable prayer for specific brothers added
    -Brother dig areas updated

    -The script now no longer banks if there are other items in the player's inventory
    -Walking in the tunnels has been improved
    -Targeting in the tunnels has been improved
    -The script now picks up loot from the ground if the Inventory is full (drops less valuable items)

    -Restocking improved
    -Delays and timings reworked

    -Json serialization now correctly works with the tridents
    -Sell loot button now works

    -Improved monster targeting in the tunnels
    -Runs a bit faster through the tunnels
    -Muling added
    -No longer prints random number in chat
    -Minor bug fixes


    -Iban's staff recharging added
    -Autocast spell selection added
    -Restocking and loot selling added
    -Script arguments added
    -Potion handling improved
    -Monster targeting in the tunnels has been improved
    -Dynamic signatures has been fixed
    -Other minor bug fixes


    -Now uses the webwalker to navigate the doors in the tunnels
    -Fixed prayer toggling
    -Banking has been sped up
    -Removed unnecessary logging
    -Other minor improvements


    -Weapon recharging added
    -Prayer toggling fixed
    -Can now continue barrows if it already has been started
    -Morytania legs has been fixed
    -Degradables and other items whose name changes are now supported

    -Additional supplies now works properly
    -The script now waits for the reward potential from the last brother before opening the reward chest
    -Monster targeting inside the tunnels has been improved
    -When using the blowpipe, it will use the special attack for Ahrim

    -Supply handling has been overhauled. You can now complete complete multiple runs without having the resupply every time
    -Other methods of teleportation to barrows added (untested)
    -Traversing the tunnels has been improved
    -The option to add additional supplies has been added. You can now use equipment which requires extra items.

    -Now teleports straight to barrows instead of exiting the clan wars area
    -The player should no longer try to attack a monster when under attack from a different one (this caused it to get stuck)
    -The player no longer tries to teleport to clan wars when under attack and escapes from the monster first before trying to teleport
    -The path to chest room is now regenerated when the puzzle fails (this should never happen)

    -Initial release

  • i just nutted

  • Damn

  • what are the tele methods it will use to get back to barrows?

  • Script Writer

    @beezxr Currently only the barrows teleport is supported

  • @dijkstra would it be possible to add mory legs 3 as a tele?

  • Script Writer

    @beezxr I can but is it really beneficial. The time it takes to run from Burgh the Rott to barrows probably costs you more than a barrows teleport, not sure though

  • Director

    @dijkstra said in [FREE TRIAL] dBarrows v0.1:

    @beezxr I can but is it really beneficial. The time it takes to run from Burgh the Rott to barrows probably costs you more than a barrows teleport, not sure though



  • Can you add support for pool in poh?

  • Seems to bank runes or rune pouch right away. Could you mention this here or add support for runes/rune pouch?

  • Script Writer

    @Timpingftw It currently doesn't support rune pouches (yet). It will always bank the rewards after each run.

  • [SEVERE] Tue Feb 26 20:12:17 CET 2019: EXCEPTION: SEVEREjava.lang.NullPointerException
    at 40.20.loop(fb:489)

    got this error as soon as it went into guthans liar

  • Script Writer

    @zann This happens if you don't set up your equipment properly. Read the thread again. There's is a bug with the equipment in RSPeer. Always double check the list on the gui before starting. Watch the video as an example

  • has issue finding [INFO] Tue Feb 26 20:31:09 CET 2019: Info: The player does not have: \QUnholy blessing\E

  • Script Writer

    @zann Make sure you're on the latest rspeer version

  • @dijkstra said in [FREE TRIAL] dBarrows v0.1:

    @zann Make sure you're on the latest rspeer version
    alt text

    it for some reason skipped the guthans brother?

  • Script Writer

    @zann Are you on v1.43? Older version seem to have problems. Ive personally done over 15 runs in a rows without any problems.

  • This post is deleted!