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Banned information

  • Hello I am here to share my information on how I got banned recently. I'm not completely sure on how I got banned but I can pinpoint a few reasons as to why I got banned.
    Everything was fine up to the point where I was only using one account. There are several reasons as to why I think I got banned on both my maxed main (Main) and the account that I created to try out RSPeer for the first time (Alt).

    1. IP flagged, I was botting on and off in the past. I'd say my times of getting back on the game would be every 3 years? Even now I'm not sure as to how to properly set up a proxy and which one would be the best set up. (Still open to help!)
    2. Suicided Fletching. I used Unborn's AOI fletcher on my Alt hoping I could just fletch 10k in a row like I've done in the past at the end of the night. I've never really had any problems with it and I'd try to hide in the ge in highly populated worlds with the idea of hiding in the sea of people.
    3. I was also using buracc's ArdyKnights script on my Main earlier and I was babysitting my clients at the time both my alt who was fletching and my main who was pickpocketing. Perhaps I was noticed there?

    I'd like to be able to learn how to set up proxies and prepare myself a bit better. Hopefully this information could help someone else from getting banned.

    Edit: If you'd like to be private about your preferred proxy address then please message me so your information doesn't get exposed to the public. I'm also eager to listen to anyone's experience either with through this post or even a call in Discord.

  • I've bought some proxies on (SOCKS5) and configured the proxy on rspeer so it attempts to connect when I quicklaunch but it fails, it seems pretty simple to configure but it just won't connect for me, so I'm gonna see if other clients can use proxies.

    Hopefully it works for you.

  • ardy knights got you banned!