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Bot closes instantly when I try to launch it

  • Just installed, my Java is located in my D drive, not my C
    When I try to launch an instance, this is what is logged

    As far as I can tell, it's instantly closed the moment it opens. Any ideas?

    At first my thought was that 'Java is not in path...' would be a problem but I don't think it returned the standard 'Java is missing' response. I dunno, I could be wrong, but my next thought was maybe something antivirus related or something. No cigar.

    If it is related to Java, anyone know how I can change the path it seems to be searching? I'm pretty sure it'd search the correct location but I could be wrong. It's gotta be a registry key somewhere, yeah?

    Okay, I've decided to reinstall Java 11 using AdoptOpenJDK, I'll post results when that finishes downloading.


  • Yeah, I just duplicated my Java folder over to my C drive and it worked. Devs should check the default java installation directory before pointing to C imo

    How do i close this thread lol