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Dijkstra's Progressive AIO Miner | Supports many locations | 3t mining | [Dwarven Mine supported]

  • Script Writer

    The script now supports supports the dwarven mine/mining guild with banking. Check out the video below, password: dijkstra

    alt text

    To use the script you have to add tasks. Right now the only mining types supported are normal mining and 3t mining. Motherload mining and blast mining will be added in the future.

    Current supported features:

    • Supports many locations, all rocks in those locations
    • Supports dropping ores or banking them
    • Intelligent world hopping
    • Easy setup, the script will withdraw the needed supplies as it goes.
    • Supports all pickaxes and upgrades them whenever possible.
    • Easy to use GUI

    Normal Mining:

    As the name implies this is the normal way of mining in a rock area, not 3t mining. You are only able to select locations/rocks for which you have the requirements (not just mining level, combat level and other stuff as well).

    Cluster mining consists of standing in one spot and mining the rocks in reach. The script will automatically find the best cluster in the mining area. If you don't enable cluster mining the script will try to mine the nearest rock in the mining area.

    In order for the world hopping to be effective, you have to set a proper minimum success rate (%). This refers to the ratio of rocks successfully mined versus rocks attempted. If you are competing with other players for the same rocks and the succcess rate falls below the given rate the script will hop to a random world. It is important you don't set this too high especially in f2p worlds as competition is very high.

    alt text

    3T Mining:

    3T mining uses animation cancelling to speed up the mining process. This only works at a few locations. Currently the desert quarry is disabled as it requires special protection from the desert heat which isn't currently handled.

    Currently it only works using Swamp tar and Guam leaf. Make sure you have those as well as a Pestle and mortar in your bank. It is important you have a high mining level for this to be effective, a dragon pickaxe is very helpful as well.

    alt text

    Things you should know before using the script:

    • The script uses the webwalker and thus will only work if the player can get to the specified area.
    • You must start the script when in-game

    Upcoming features

    • Motherload mine
    • Desert quarry support

    Known issues

    • Cluster mining coal in lumbridge swamp west does not work as the standing position is not reachable.