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How do bans work?

  • Quick question does anyone know how bans actually work? is it like an auto system or do accounts get flagged then jagex looks at the accounts in question?

    If I leave 10 throw away bots on overnight will they be banned in the morning when the employees get to work at 9am?

    If I run bots on the weekend will they stay active until Monday morning?

    Anyone got any insite on how this all works?

  • I've been thinking about this quite a bit actually, and have considered making a YT video about it, so this may be a bit long winded, sorry! You could phrase the question even "What is their so-called fancy anti-ban software?". So, we have to consider Jagex's limitations. They have a small team, a likely small budget, and relatively weak servers. They cannot store hundreds of thousands of repeated input data over a large period of time to compare when you cut logs last week versus today. So what is the best anti-cheating measure? Indoctrinating your community to believe that botting is next to murder. If you read their forums, YT comments, etc, you'll read people say "people who bot deserve to die", "they ruin the game", "they deserve anything coming towards them", even though botting doesn't really have a negative effect on the game (What's the difference if I click the trees myself versus clicking it once over a few hours? Why are skilling materials cheaper when bots exist versus without?). You lead your community down a path similiar to Nazism. You promote your players to sniff out and report anyone who even looks like they're botting. You have a stream dedicated to "bot busting". I'm not sure if you've played another MMO such as WoW, but the desire for bot genocide doesn't really exist outside of RS.

    Imo, they likely wait for a report, and then on that server logs your response times and performs a t test to see if there's a significant difference. My best advice is to bot someone and not catch attention to yourself (use an empty bank for fletching/wines/herb/etc), use an empty world, wear something that conotates prestige in the community (skill cape, fire cape, expensive armor, etc).

  • wake up be banned, login gets delayed ban, maybe days weeks months.

    log in lose connection is usually how it works