Dijkstra's SW application

  • Script Writer

    Rank: Script writer

    Reason & Motivation:
    For some time I was looking for a botting platform to start developing scripts. After evaluating pretty much all RSpeer came out as a clear winner due to its superior features, stability and performance. Since then I have developed 3 public scripts for the SDN. I feel motivated to continue to release new scripts and strive towards higher quality scripts. Some people may say I overengineer my scripts but that's because I constanly try to challenge myself and improve my abilities as a scripter. I am a quick learner, something which is probably visible between my first sdn script and my third.

    When writing code I always try to adhere to conventions as strongly as possible. I try to write code which is as structured, clear and efficient as possible. I feel the three scripts I published clearly show I have a firm understanding of Java's concepts and features.

    I am currently in my 2nd year of my bachelor in computer science. Because of this I have a strong background in algorithms, datastructures (always was my favourite course) and writing correct and efficient code. My first programming language was c#, which I started off after 4-5 years ago. Since starting university I also picked up Java and a bit Python.

    My repository: https://gitlab.com/rspeer-public-sdn/dijkstra

  • Director

    When you first showed me your scripts and how many classes there was for something so simple, I thought it was a bit over-engineered. I am realizing now that that isn't really much of an issue as it allows for a lot easier expand-ability. I've been researching CQRS pattern a bit, and its pretty similar to how your scripts are, in terms of splitting up actions and conditions.

    Anyway, I definitely feel you would be a valuable SW, welcome to the team.

  • Director

    Congratulations on being accepted as a script writer!