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Find SceneObject interacting with/Count players trying to interact with the same SceneObject

  • Simple class.
    Allows you to query what SceneObject you're interacting with, or count players interacting with the same SceneObject as your player.
    Also has a function for getting the tile in-front of your player.

    public class InteractionHelper {
        public static int countPlayersOnMySceneObject(boolean animating){
            Player me = Players.getLocal();
            SceneObject myTarget = getSceneObjectLookingAt(me, animating);
            if(myTarget == null)
                return 0;
            int matched = 0;
            for(Player player : Players.getLoaded()){
                if(player == me) continue;
                if(getSceneObjectLookingAt(player, animating) == myTarget)
            return matched;
        public static SceneObject getSceneObjectLookingAt(Player player, boolean animating){
            if (animating && !player.isAnimating())
                return null;
            Position fwd = GetForwardTile(player.getPosition(), player.getOrientation());
            SceneObject[] targets = SceneObjects.getAt(fwd);
            for (SceneObject target : targets) {
                if(target.getActions().length == 0 || target.getName() == null) continue;
                return target;
            return null;
        public static Position GetForwardTile(Position pos, int orientation){
            //Log.fine("Orientation: ", orientation);
            orientation = (int)(orientation / 256.0) * 256;
            switch (orientation){
                case 1024: return pos.translate(0, 1);//N
                case 1536: return pos.translate(1, 0);//E
                case 0: return pos.translate(0, -1);//S
                case 512: return pos.translate(-1, 0);//W
                case 1792: return pos.translate(1, -1);//SE
                case 256: return pos.translate(-1, -1);//SW
                case 768: return pos.translate(-1, 1);//NW
                case 1280: return pos.translate(1, 1);//NE
            return pos.translate(0, 1);