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(Auto-Muling) Progressive Bow Strings Bot

  • What The Bot Does:

    • Currently only supports Lumbridge Bank

    • If not at Lumbridge, it will talk or tele there if you have a tablet (untested)

    • Lvl 1-8, it will make leather gloves

    • Lvl 8-10, it Will make leather boots

    • Lvl 10+, it will make bow strings (will occasionally bank at the farther bank booth)

    • Should not get stuck due to door opening/closing at Random Time

    • Bot will automatically take breakds for 1-5 mins every 2-4 hours. this is to avoid 6h logging (Can't guarntee it will be able to log back in if it gets 6h logged)

    • When you say specific mule keyword in cc, it will hop to whatever world the mule is in at the time, withdraw all noted strings, and trade mule.

    • Once in trade screen, bot will say in cc how many flax left, then accept trade screen once Mule Accepts. After That, bot will hop to a random world and open inventory again.

    • If there's an error in joining cc after muling and hopping, the bot will hop to a random world again (untested)


    • Start At Lumbridge Bank With Inventory Empty

    • Alternatively start anywhere else with inventory either empty or containing a Lumbridge Tab (Untested)

    • Bank Must Have Thread, Needle, And Leather (if crafting lvl below 10)
      -Takes ~81 Leathers from Level 1-10. 40 Threads should be enough

    • When Started, a GUI will ask for Mule Name. This is Case Sensitive . If not Muling, then close the window, press cancel, or enter nothing and press Okay.

    • bot will train as required. Display at top right will update how many strings you have in bank every time you open the bank (might make it to include flax left too)

    -To Mule, The Bot(s) must be in the Mule's CC (Mule must be owner). Mule must be standing in Lumbridge Bank. Once The Mule says in CC "Hi lol" (Case sensitive) The Bots will hop to you. After Muling, they will hop to random worlds.

    Only Tested For Few Hours. Any Feedback is appreciated.

    EDIT: Bot does Random Walking To Spinning Wheel. If people report this to be too slow, i will just make it directly use the spinning wheels after climbing down stairs

  • Another one 🙂 This is going to crash the market even more. Looks nice. Hope to see some more scripts from you :))

  • Director

    Why case sensitive?

  • yo get this on the damn sdn