[LUX] Monk's Robe Stealer | F2P ~50K per hour

  • Hey everyone,

    This script will steal Monk's robes and Monk's robe tops at the monastery near Edgeville.

    You can expect to receive around 130-140 sets per hour, this will be around 50k profit per hour for F2P accounts. You will get these amounts per hour including the amount of times you will log out while world hopping.

    Add the script to your client here.


    • 31 Prayer (Bury 1000 big bones)


    • Select if you want to use F2P or P2P worlds

    • Walks to the monastry

    • Interacts with the NPC if you visit it for the first time

    • Climbs up the ladder and starts stealing the robes

    • Hops worlds untill the inventory is full with robes

    • Walks to Edgeville bank and repeats

    Enjoy the script!

  • After hopping walks north before clicking robes

  • Works perfect!

  • @shock931 I have seen this issue happening and i am not sure what causes this, I will try to fix this very soon!

    @Mr-Smith Thanks!

  • it hops to quickly and gets booted before long. doesn't try to log back in...

  • @herrabanani

    The script does not handle the log in screen, the bot itself does.

    Whenever you got disconnected a few times, the bot will wait a little bit longer sometimes before trying to log in again.

  • This script freezes after hoping just a couple worlds, forces me to end task the client itself.