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RSPeer AIO Fighter

  • Director

    @Spencer and I are creating an AIO fighter script, we plan to release two versions of this, paid and free (lite version).

    Coming soon to a theater near you.

    Fight at any specified location.
    Allow a radius to be set to stay inside fight area.
    Action system to switch gear and npc's based on levels.
    Event based target switching for enhanced reaction time (instant target switching when someone else attacks a target you are walking to, etc).
    Low cpu usage due to event based architecture, never polls for new npcs to kill when not needed.
    Web walking to walk to bank for more gear / food, return to spot on death, and switch locations to different npcs.
    Profile saving / loading.

    Any more suggestions? Post below.

    alt text

  • Possibly...add NMZ support to the paid version? If it is AIO after all...maybe just the absorption method it's easy enough.

  • Slayer support? Not sure to what extent though.

    Perhaps you put your character in your task environment (eg: where the task NPCs are) and the script will fight the task until finished, and then teleport out or stop?

    Or if you want to go all the way, full Slayer support including banking, new tasks etc. But that's probably better suited to an entirely (paid) separate script 😉

  • Director

    I always loved the idea behind the 1 to '99' combat stats trainer. You simply enter the desired levels (40 attack, 80 strength, 1 defence for example) and it would train up your stats on different monsters such as you guys suggested. Training efficiently doing 40 attack/strength first and then going for strength to 80 and switching gear when new levels are acquired. I think this could be similar which would make it a very attractive script to use.

  • @yasper I was just going to suggest a queue system based on monsters and gear, hit level 30, move to all adamant armour and scimmy and go fight the next best monster in line. good call

  • @yasper i wanted to develop this but its way out of my league

  • Safe spot
    Spell support
    Crabs support
    Prayer / potions
    Range support - stop when no ammo
    Cannon support

  • On first run:
    Simple ui for setting options

    On next run:
    I can start it with all the same settings as last time, in one click.

  • Script Writer

    @besttroy That's what profiles are 😜 mad already wrote that there will be support for this 😜

  • @qverkk said in RSPeer AIO Fighter:

    @besttroy That's what profiles are 😜 mad already wrote that there will be support for this 😜

    If you think that clicking load profile, (maybe) choose profile, then start, is the same as what I described, you are being delusional.

  • Script Writer

    @besttroy It is the same. Depends on the developer how he will implement it. But ye it's 100% the same

  • Director

    Back in development boys, looking really good so far 🙂

  • @MadDev said in RSPeer AIO Fighter:

    Back in development boys, looking really good so far 🙂

    Can't wait to see some updates

  • Lets goooo

  • @MadDev Will you be adding cannon support?

  • I will prepare some accounts to test it out.

  • Director

    Still working on the core combat mechanics to make sure its as smooth as possible.

    I want to make sure to include things such as

    • quick target switching if yours becomes under attack by someone else
    • quick target switching if you are already under attack
    • finding next target while in combat to reduce delay between kills
    • fail-safes in case your target is not accessible
    • multiple targets

    alt text

  • hola very goos script hermano

    ty bot good

  • Director

    Working on progressive tasks and looting.

    • Automatic profile switching based on level, meaning changing monsters, attack styles, loot, equipment, radius, food, etc.
    • Loot prioritization (Prioritize getting loot or keep attacking entities until theres a free moment to get loot)

    alt text

  • Director

    Quick preview video: of the quick target switching.

    This isn't the best example since theres no one else here, but it quickly reacts to players taking your target, your target not attacking you, another target thats not yours attacking you, etc.

    Intelligent target switching

    • First checks for any npcs targeting you
    • Then uses the next target from a background task that runs while your in combat to find a next target
    • If that target is null, it will grab a random of the closest next interactable target (not just always nearest, but a random nearest)
    • If that is not avaliable, it will fall back to grabbing a random one and walking to it.

    It'll make a better preview video later at alkharid warriors, i dont have any acc for it atm.
    Alkharid warriors are good since multiple targets attack you at once.