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[LUX] Bones Burier

  • Hey everyone,

    I needed a bot to level up some prayer on a F2P account, and then saw that there was no bones burier script on the market, so I decided to make one myself.

    Add the script to your client here.


    • GUI to select your bones
    • Buries all your bones untill there are no more bones in your bank.

    How to use:

    • Make sure that you have bones in your bank, if you want you can start with bones in your inventory already
    • Start the script and select your preferred bones to bury
    • The bot should walk to the nearest bank, if not, make sure that you are near a bank

    To-do List:

    • Show total bones buried
    • Show xp per hour
    • Show bones buried per hour

    Enjoy the script!

    To gather information for developers, I have released the source code in this topic.

  • Added to sdn