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NMZ Script that supports 5-10k Constriction XP per hour (Premium Suggestion)

  • How:
    Any monster that drops big bones has a 1/400 chance to drop a long bone and a 1/5000 chance to drop a curved bone. These bones can be instantly handed to a goblin after Death to the Dorgashan quest for 4.5k & 6.5k.

    Set Up:
    Have these four unlocked on normal rumble:

    Arrg - 113CB (drops big bones)
    Dad 101CB (drops big bones)
    Skeleton hell hound 97 CB (drops big bones)
    Black knight titan (drops big bones)

    Have one of the following low level fillers that are easy to kill:

    count draynor 34CB
    Sea snake 35CB
    king roland 47CB
    trapped soul 30CB

    To kill all 5 once you get about 1.1k-1.3k xp (depending on your set). Which means you get about 70-130 of each boss in an hour (depending on stats and gear).

    any monster that drops big bones has a 1/400 chance to drop a long bone and a 1/5000 curved bond these can be instantly handed in to a goblin after death to the dorgashan quest for 4.5k and 6.75k each

    to kill all 5 once you get around 1.1-1.3k xp depending on your set

    meaning you get about 70-130 kills of each in a hour depending on stats and gear

    280-520/400 chances at a long bone per hour
    280-520/5000 chances at a curved bone per hour

    If you max with NMZ with these bosses and get over 39m xp for all 99 melee combat then you would kill each monsyer 32,098 times.

    321 long bones (1283k con xp)
    25.7 curved bones (173.3k con xp)

    30-75+ construction free on a regular melee combat main.

    This script suggestion is actually from a different botting site that i wanted to share with the RSPeer Community

  • now thats some original idea man.

  • hey chuckle

  • I wish I'd known about this before. I have maxed multiple accounts via NMZ and a free 75 cons adds value to those accounts -.-