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Bot suggestions anti ban

  • Ok so ive done abit of experimenting and got banned on atleast 30+ accounts using proxys and what not (on purpose) and being reported doesnt mean your going to be banned ive been banned in 5mins right out of tutorial island so literally no one can report me in that time and it was f2p and i was watching the whole time. also i used a bunch of different clients from other websites and ran them all on the same ip using 6 different accounts and 4 of them received a chain ban while 2 were still going strong i believe some scripts are very detectable to jagex's bot system and everytime i use a private script or make my own jagex doesnt ban that one it only bans the free scripts alot quicker, so by saying that do you think jagex logs the scripts or something?

  • Automated banning systems look for and learn from the interaction patterns of scripts.


  • what i dont understand is how i used the same ip for 4 accounts and they chain banned 4 and left the other 2? thats strange because the 4 that were banned i used the same script and the other 2 i used different ones

  • useually you get chainban on all accounts when using same ip but because of different scripts they didnt chainban all ....hmm

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    Private scripts reduce the bans by a lot. Luckily, we have some great 'verified' script sellers that can write you a very robust script.
    I personally got a few 99's across different accounts using a private script written by doga.