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Need more bots lol.. every other website has 200+

  • This the only bot that is so un consistent with updates and not many scripters nobody updates there scripts either. Would like to see more bots or just give up on dis lmao been using runemate Today and I’m liking it more seems like they have less ban rate to as people have max accounts from Botting might step away from here lol..

  • enjoy your hourly rate. Rspeer has ALOT of private scripts, and most people use there own. ive had tons of success with rspeer personally. I noticed other sites scripts get alot of complaints especially the free ones, mostly because they don't get updated and are left up for 3 years +. We here at rspeer wish you the best with Runemate.

    ive used runemate, and i wasn't impressed, mainly because well. 3 cent an hr is bullshit.

    ive used dreambot , rsbot, tribot, osbot, all of which were highly unimpressive and slapped me within 2 days. switched to rspeer and started lasting a full bond.

  • Yeah, honestly, I too have tried them all. The reason there aren't as many public scripts is because RSpeer is a bit of a hidden gem. Less people -> less scripts -> less attention from Jagex -> less work you actually have to do while making a farm because you're not getting banned every 48 hrs.

    I'm an electrical engineering student- I don't have time to deal with resetting my gold farm. That's what bots are about- automation. You set it and forget.

    The script writers on this site are fantastic as well. Anything you need can be made for you, you just gotta hop on discord and talk to the right people.

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    RSPeer is also a lot newer....more scripts will come in time

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    We just released to the public less than 6 months ago, RuneMate has been public for what, at-least 4 years now?

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    Anyway obvious Runemate Troll, please go back to where you came from.

  • What did you expect from the youngest botting site? Once the old broken scripts get cleaned up, RSpeer is leaning towards quality > quantity.

    You and your uninformed and negative ass can leave now.
    No community wants your kind around.

  • troll runemate detected!

  • Ok.. So I was going to make the script as you asked, but then you ping me twice in 24 hours and post this... I don't think I'll be making it now tbh, go enjoy your 5c an hour divine magics that you'll get overcharged for because of their pricing system which will result in you begging for refunds. thanks

  • Don't feed the trolls.
    We should limit him to 1 instance

  • XD make me lol

  • @Omni the sad part is, i dont actually thing he's trolling... he's actually been spam tagging me to make him 2 scripts in like 10 hours l0l

  • Who dis random showing up here tryna put rspeer down b/c he has issues.