• There is nothing else on this computer im using except for old school runescape and then now the rspeer client .a day after downloading the rs peer client and using the four free fletching scripts my account was logged into by someone else and my items I had on were taken. thankfully I had a bank pin but regret not setting up authenticator earlier so that's on me but somewhere through the scripts or the client is a key logger . I did not add my account info into automatic log in for any of those scripts.

  • Nope.

  • Sorry for your loss but the devs aren't interested in taking your 10m 😕

  • Is the computer new? Do you have anti-virus? What websites did you visit? I have an auth, but I agree with Castro, nobody wants your peasant account/ 10m.

  • You have most likely fallen victim to cracking. Don't reuse passwords and enable authenticator and this won't happen.

  • Director

    @dieddie2 Which scripts did you run?

  • scripts I ran intermittently changing based on fletching task.
    deki fletcher
    unborn aois fletcher
    byte fletcher
    perfect fletcher
    I am not trying to blame rspeer , the devs or scipters for my situation.
    and not having authenticator was 100% my fault.
    I do have anti virus , after seeing my account was hacked. re established authenticator changed all passwords and ran a scan .
    Websites would include only runescape and youtube -which led me to rspeer. I understand my account is not prime material .
    my intention is more to understand how I became vulnerable and to hopefully help others do what they can to avoid my mistake.

  • Maybe you logged into the double xp Twitch stream links?

  • Director

    I just re-read the source code for those scripts you ran and there was nothing malicious in them.

  • @dieddie2 Most probable explanation is that your password got cracked because you resused it on another site.

  • https://haveibeenpwned.com/

    ^toss your email in there.

    i recently recovered a really old acc (3 years) and started using it too bot. i botted and had a maybe 10m bank, it logged off. changed passwords and my stuff was gone. i recovered and used, and realized i had been fucked because powerbot had a leak in 2011. and i was using the old password for the acc. you might have done the same.

  • Script Writer

    Even if you bot, set an authenticator up for your account next time. The scripts that you use here can’t steal your passwords since the admins read through them. The admins wouldn’t be interested in your account or gold either.