Very impressed with Rspeer overall

  • Sup yall, recently returned to Runescape in general last year ( my account back in '09 was perma banned for stating my friend had a gf). I'm not sure why, but I still hold that grudge against Jagex, and thus the name.
    I'm fairly new to the botting scene, I experimented in October with Dreambot (used free mining scripts, and it was generally okay but they'd break sometimes and I'd have to manually do some functions) and had a frustrating time with the software overall. I watched some more videos I've been using scripts for a couple of weeks now, generally babysitting while doing homework/errands at different time and usable intervals, some days for two sessions @ 5 hours each. Not only are the scripts amazing, but the client was intuitive to add scripts, work and etc. I dinged 99 fletching recently with Unborn's AIO script, and will be pursuing my second (either cooking or magic) after a break. It seems the support on this forum is also pretty responsive, which is reassuring as I plan on buying a few scripts. I don't post on forums often, but I just wanted to say I'm pretty proud to be in this community. I'm contemplating learning Java to write scripts, I am somewhat fluent in R but I'm not sure how much/if anything will translate over.

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    Good to hear 🙂