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Java question

  • I wrote a bot for agility that works fine and compiles.

    Today I created a new project for combat and my agility script disappeared. When I go to recompile the script, I just get an error saying my 'package does not exist', however I have made no changes to the code since it worked.

    I'm guessing adding a new project messed this up somehow, but I have no idea as I'm not an expert in Java. Any suggestions?

  • Do your scripts have any overlapping class names? If so are you building your scripts into a jar file or just compiling to .class files?

  • @Iain-Mahoney There weren't any overlapping classes that I was aware of.

    I resolved the issue by shutting down Intellij completely, reopening just the agility script, and it compiled fine. No changes to the code at all.

    I believe I'm just compiling to a .class file - whatever Build project does, as laid out in the tutorials.

    I apologize for the noobiness!

  • Sometimes if you have overlapping class names, the files can cause confusion. It's good practice atleast to put your class files within a package. Just click the src folder in IntelliJ and add new Package. Put your java files within that and it should prevent any future project overlap.