Dijkstra's Simple Dragonhide Tanner | MULING & RESTOCKING

  • A simple tanning script which tans dragon hides at Al-Kharid.

    Notable features:
    -Restocking & muling
    -Simple paint
    -Door support
    -Fast ( > 2400 hides per hour on average)

    How to use:
    -The script can be started anywhere. Just make sure the player is able to get to Al-Kharid.
    -Have atleast one of the hides you'd like to tan (unnoted). The rest can be in your bank.
    -Coins can be either in your bank or inventory, the script will withdraw more as it runs.

    Thinks to look out for:
    -Make sure your bank isn't full.

    How to use script args & muling:
    Arguments are seperated by a semi-colon (;) as key value pairs (key=value). You can use arguments to select the hide type and/or to enable to enable muling.

    Optional arguments:

    • "hide": set this equal to the color of the hide (for example: green).

    Mule arguments:

    All these arguments are required in order for muling to work.

    • "mule_name": set this to display name of the mule.
    • "mule_world": set this to world the mule is in.
    • "mule_location": set this equal to the location of the mule (format: (x,y));

    Example arguments: "hide=green;mule_name=APlayer13;mule_world=367;mule_location=(3275,3166)"

    This instructs the script to start and tan any remaining green hides until it runs out of coins or hides. It will restock when it runs out of supplies

    How muling works:
    The script will tan the given hide type until it runs out of either coins or hides. It will withdraw any remaining supplies (other hide types, all types of leather and remaining coins). It will then go to the mule to request more hides. If the mule gives the bot more hides and coins in will starting tanning again, if not it will stop the script. The mule can give the bot a new type of hide. It is important for the mule to be close to the given location and in-game when the bot needs more hide.

    Click this link to watch a video of the muling in actions, password: dijkstra

    Feel free to suggest any feature and please report bugs if you encounter any.

    alt text

  • Nice release dude!

  • The script has been updated:
    -Movement has been improved, the script now averages above 2400 hides per hour.
    -The script no longer tries to tan noted hides.

  • The script does not calculate the expense of 20gp for each hide tanned

  • @Erradicado
    Wdym? The displayed profit is based on a profit of 180 per hide. Including the tanning cost this requires a margin of 200 between hide and leather which is very reasonable.

  • @dijkstra Not working

  • @Erradicado Try to explain your problem as clear as possible and maybe add a screenshot from the logger. I cannot help you without any information. The script works perfect for me.

  • @dijkstra bc36807286353cdc52c7f9f701e61d71.png
    Nothing happens literally, not even the log announces an error

  • @Erradicado Can you send me a message on discord, just quote me (Dijkstra) in the rspeer discord, easier to troubleshoot that way. Muling wasn't working when the mule wasn't in the al-kharid bank but I'm pushing an update rn which fixes that.

  • @dijkstra Fixed 👌