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Help me plz! errors generated by the use of quick launch.

  • Good. I have recently been using Bot management, updating the use of my farm ... my first intention is simply to use different proxies for each of my instances. but; every time I use Quick Launch with Bot manager or a terminal in my Window I generate these errors with some scripts (shown in the example with LChopper) usually you happen with scripts that require previous configuration at the beginning.



    • UIDefaults.getUI() failed: createUI() failed for javax.swing.JLabel[,0,0,0x0,invalid,alignmentX=0.0,alignmentY=0.0,border=,flags=0,maximumSize=,minimumSize=,preferredSize=,defaultIcon=,disabledIcon=,horizontalAlignment=LEADING,horizontalTextPosition=TRAILING,iconTextGap=4,labelFor=,text=,verticalAlignment=CENTER,verticalTextPosition=CENTER] java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
      at javax.swing.UIDefaults.getUIError(Unknown Source)
      at javax.swing.MultiUIDefaults.getUIError(Unknown Source)
      at javax.swing.UIDefaults.getUI(Unknown Source)
      at javax.swing.UIManager.getUI(Unknown Source)
      at javax.swing.JLabel.updateUI(Unknown Source)
      at javax.swing.JLabel.<init>(Unknown Source)
      at javax.swing.JLabel.<init>(Unknown Source)
      at 80.iiIiiiiIiI(a:79)
      at 80.<init>(a:360)
      at 70.onStart(p:350)
      at org.rspeer.script.Script.start(ok:164)
      at org.rspeer.script.11.iiIIiiiiiiIiI(bf:189)
      at org.rspeer.11.iiIIiiiiiiIiI(tt:186)
      at org.rspeer.11.iiIIiiiiiiIiI(tt:65)
      at org.rspeer.4.20.iiIIiiiiiiIiI(bn:48)
      at org.rspeer.4.20.IIiIIiiiIiIIi(bn:172)
      at org.rspeer.Bootstrap.lambda$waitForLoadAndExecute$0(pp:120)
      at java.util.concurrent.Executors$ Source)
      at Source)
      at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)
      at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
      at Source)

    I've tried this same quick launch with script without previous configuration settings such as "Rickk's Tutorial Island" and this works perfect ... until: the scrip ends and I want to start another without having to close the client.


    • the buttons marked in red stop working

    Now, if I want to execute scripts such as YFigther, LChopper, or some AIO (I show errors in the first photos), I must configure the Quick Launch in this way (at least that's how it worked for me).


    This way I will be able to execute any script that I decide ("SPX AIO Walking" apparently does not work) but obviously I have to do the task of logging manually.

    • can generate a bit of latency or start soon but, it works (for me)

    the only great detail is. that by giving it a stop, it returns again, leaving the actions, play and adding accounts useless.
    "suppose that after a long time felling trees, want to mine" (well I can not unless I close everything and start again).

    PD: I currently have 12 accounts that I did not want to activate due to this problem.

    PD2: I am user Window 10 Pro, I have java 11, java 8 JDK and everything else installed

    PD3: features of my two PCs: i5 4th generation, 8gb ram ddr3 Hyper Fury.

    PD4: eh tried to use Quick Launch manually and it works for me but everything happens as it is with Bot Management (I begin to suspect that it is some error with my Terminal) "in both PCs"

    help me please. I do not want to activate my farm, have to pay for my instances, some premium script. and, that I do not work for these problems

  • My intention is simple ... I want to use different proxies in each instance. previously I used only one for all, and executed my instances with .bat (the work was very manual), I have to manage that RSPeer has improved a lot!

  • Director

    A good way you could solve this is to create multiple quick starts for the same accounts but different scripts, and kill the clients running a certain script, and then startup the new quickstart with the other script.

  • Yes, well ... I'm already working on that kind of configuration. a bit of order noted in my notebook, and the fact of having to login several accounts in several different proxies 😄 .. I hope not to ever be synonymous since this would block by suspicious activity and even if I change my password ... we all know that that's tip! so that jagex will dedicate a little more to investigate your account

    the team and writers of RSPeer are very good, I already have a few months using their scripts for up to 10 hours, not all the scripts have been satisfactory with respect to the bans.

    keep working as they do, I'll pay for this 😄