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1/10/19 - Bot Management Panel Updates (Re-download Your Launcher If Having Issues)

  • Director

    Some small management panel updates and bug fixes.

    • Updated launcher to find java in program files on Windows if it is not added to path. This should solve the ENOENT error that some Windows users are getting when they do not have java in their path.

    • Added a kill launcher button to the UI. This will kill launchers on windows / mac, and on linux it should restart since it runs as a service.
      alt text

    • Added better error logging to the launcher so I am able to see why some people are getting some issues that I am unable to re-create.

    • Removed the quantity popup when running accounts, its now an input field.
      alt text

    • Added a list of common issues and their resolutions:

    You will receive most of these updates automatically except for the better logging one. This was added to the .jar files that you download to start the launcher. If you have been experiencing issues in the past, please re-download the launcher so I am able to see logs of issues. Link here:


  • when are they going to add the dismiss to random events? regards! ❤