The client is offline due to RuneScape update. You may see instance errors but this is due to the update and not actual instance errors. This should be resolved soon. Join our Discord for more information.

RSPeer Common Issues

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    A list of common issues that you may experience and their resolutions.

    I started a client on the Bot Management Panel but it did not start and clicking View Logs shows the following message: Error: spawn java ENOENT or Error: Exhausted all options to find Java, please install java on this system to run a client.

    This means you do not have JDK installed on your system or JDK is not in your path.
    This has hopefully have been fixed on Windows in the latest launcher update 1/10/19.

    Please make sure you have downloaded and installed and in your path variable. You can check this by opening a command prompt / terminal and typing

    java --version

    and verifying you get an output.

    Windows can not find the specified path C:/Users:...

    This seems to occur for some users, but I am unable to re-create it, if you have this issue, please message me asap.

    I have to restart the client to get my script to reload when writing my script.
    This is a bug if you run your client with your IDE, just run your rspeer.jar with the command prompt and you should not see this issue.

  • @MadDev "Windows can not find the specified path C:/Users:.." I have this problem when trying to install Rspeer. Can you help?

  • Please help, I download the launcher and it opens with notepad and I dont know what to change it to 😕