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  • Banned

    I know, I know.. I spoke about this in the discord and most of you guys said you like free! Which is fine!

    I am mainly asking, or suggesting, that sometime in the near future we maybe update / upgrade to something a little more enticing? Not sure if that's the right word for it, but I'll stick with it.

    I personally would just like more profile customization, and also if there happens to be a market in the future, want to be able to earn some feedback!

    Thanks, now you all can hate me!

  • They're currently using Node.BB which is kinda slow and out-dated.
    I support your idea: is open-source, customizable, REALLY FAST (and it relies on JavaScript so much) and it would fit any needs.

  • Director

    The forum software is decided on easy interop into our current systems. NodeBB was chosen because its open source and written in nodejs, which made it easy to integrate with our API's since I am a C# and JS developer. Most forum software is PHP and I don't really have an php experimence or the desire to learn it.