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What script would you like to see?

  • Well hello.

    I have been in the scene years, way back when scar & SRL was a thing.
    I use to go by the name Scaper, some may remember Scapers Graahk Craft from rsbot

    That aside, I have been lurking in the background of the cheating scene for a while now, I landed at rspeer unexpectedly and liked what I saw.

    I have been getting to grips with the API and writing some private scripts.

    I am willing to write some private and or sought after scripts for free?

    just post here or pm me 🙂

  • Looks like we're missing a decent crafting script, one that should support basic stuff like crafting leather and hard leather would be awesome. Bonus points if it's a progressive crafter 🙂

  • Herbibore bot would amazing

  • @ehatu1 said in What script would you like to see?:

    Herbibore bot would amazing

    What's wrong with the aio herb script?

  • @papakonnekt Herbiboar is a way of training hunter, it isn't herblore

  • @Castro said in What script would you like to see?:

    @papakonnekt Herbiboar is a way of training hunter, it isn't herblore

    ohhh, im sorry lmao, i was like man i thought the aio herb script was op.
    i dont mess with hunter too much. thanks for infroming me though sir!
    i feel dumb now xD

  • ZMI that supports Lunar teleports would be pretty cool

  • @Banned My current exam session procrastination AIO runecrafter will have this, hopefully will be done in a week or so

  • @GearsBy Hell yeah will be looking forward to that and thank you

  • A simple NMZ herb box opener would be nice for dailies and an updated herblore bot too
    The only herblore bot just crashes my client whenever I try to use it

  • Ranged guild?

  • A simple bot that can sell items to shops to a given quantity and then hop world, multi item support with individual quantity would be required.

  • I'd like to see a private hunter/rc/magic bot. Free is cool too, but I'd pay for a really nice hunter/rc bot. The rc bot would implement House teletabs and use wall mounted glories and the hunting bot would do private chin areas but make it look more human like when the chins are collected.

  • Ok, so imagine this. You have a gold farm (with member bots) and you wanna switch up the activities on the accounts without having to actually do much work. My solution?

    Camping outside lava dragons. How do? Ok, so say you train all your bots to like 35 magic. This will take almost no time/money.

    You then use the clan chat communication system that burac has in his scripts.

    Roles- the bots: sit outside lava dragons with fire bolt runes in a f2p world. nobody goes deep wildy pking in f2p.

    you- you hop worlds at lava dragons until you find a low level killing lava dragons with magic. I can post a guide on how to "submarine" on people so they can't log before you hit them.

    You start attacking them and start chasing them out of the fenced area. As you're doing this, you send a command such as
    "/-world you're in- go"

    then bots all then hop into the world you're chasing this fool on and attack all players not in their clan chat.

    All of the sudden, 6 fire bolts land on this poor poor husk of what was once a man, or even better, some lava dragon bot. You could easily kill a level 70 or so with enough bots waiting outside. We could even make an RSPeer event out of it.

    Its like taking your bots for a murderous walk. Setup for this would be gear up your bots at GE, set all bots to follow one bot (f2p). Walk outside lava dragons, start script and wait for command from 'master' (account you control).

    Inventory setup would be like 20 chaos runes, some air runes and a fire staff. Cheap af.

    I think it'd be a good way to mix up the interaction data for your accounts as well as actually having a little bit of fun.

    Let me know what you think! equips anti-flame shield

  • Superglass make (lunars book) trains crafting and magic same time. Also a spin flax spell (lunars book)